Cmc multi light selector
CMC Multilight Selector Switches Senasys manufactures multilight selector switches that are typically used in control panels. […]
Epoxy Sealed Thermostat Switch
Snap disc Mounting Style With snap discs, different applications will require a different snap disc mounting […]
sauna limit switch
Saunas provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, but the intense heat generated by their heaters can […]
 Thermostat Limit Switch in Dishwasher
Snap disc thermostat switches are used in a variety of applications. An example of its use […]
CMC selector-push units
CMC Micro Switch CMC multi light controls are ideal for panel mount control systems. The four […]
cmc pushbutton unit
Our PTY Push-Pull Switch products can be found in a variety of industrial settings. Unfortunately, we […]
Thermal Switch Keeps Retail Equipment Operating
A common application use for Senasys snap disc thermostats is freeze protection. We received a new […]
Digital Thermostat Switch Monitors Temperature
During the research and development phase for the digital thermostat switch, we had a new application […]
Limit Switch for Coffee Maker
When it comes to coffee makers, replacing the thermostat switches couldn’t be easier.¬† In this article, […]
Thermal Switch Retrofits Car Horn
We recently had a customer contact us whose car horn was going off in the middle […]