Senasys provides multiple  solutions for the industrial sector, delivering key components like Line Voltage Thermostats, Pneumatic Switches & Controls, Bulb & Capillary Thermostats, Snap Disc Thermostats, Industrial Controls, & Immersion Heaters. These specialized products are critical for ensuring optimal conditions in various industrial processes. Senasys’ offerings play a crucial role in applications such as industrial heating equipment, pneumatic systems, control panels, & more. Explore the provided links to uncover the applications & advantages of Senasys products in the industrial industry.

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Senasys Solutions in the Industrial Industry

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Capillary Switches & Thermowells

In the industrial sector, Senasys Capillary Thermostats and Thermowells serve as tools for precise temperature regulation across various applications. These thermostats are utilized in processes where maintaining specific temperature ranges is critical for operational efficiency & product quality. Their design, featuring a bulb & Capillary system, facilitates accurate temperature sensing, making them ideal for controlling heating or cooling elements in industrial equipment like industrial ovens & refrigeration systems. The strong build of these thermostats ensures resilience in harsh industrial conditions, while their responsive nature allows for quick adjustments to temperature variations. 



Industrial Controls

CMC/GE Industrial Controls play an important role in enhancing operational efficiency & control in industrial settings. These controls find widespread application in diverse industrial settings, offering advanced solutions for managing complex processes & machinery. CMC/GE Industrial Controls are employed in various industrial automation systems, providing precise monitoring & regulation of equipment such as motors, pumps, & manufacturing processes. Their capabilities extend to data acquisition, control logic, & communication interfaces, allowing seamless integration into sophisticated industrial networks. Whether it’s optimizing production lines or ensuring the safety and reliability of critical systems, CMC/GE Industrial Controls contribute significantly to the streamlined operation of industrial processes.


New Century Heaters

Immersion Heaters

New Century Heaters Immersion Heaters are common tools in the industrial sector, specifically designed for heating molten metal in holding furnaces. Commonly employed in both free-standing & inline furnaces, these heaters are tailored to efficiently transfer heat into dip wells & degassers. Their design ensures that heat is directly transferred without having to pass through an insulating layer of oxides on the surface of the melt. This feature enhances their effectiveness in maintaining precise temperatures crucial for molten metal processes. Placed beneath any separating refractory arch, the immersion heater operates in close proximity to the dip well or degassing head. This positioning optimizes the heating process, contributing to the quality & consistency of metal casting & forging operations.

Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Snap-Disc 

Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Snap Disc Thermostats are key players in the industrial sector, serving a practical role in temperature control across various applications. Widely used in industrial machinery & HVAC systems, these thermostats are designed for precise temperature management. Their responsive design allows them to quickly adapt to temperature changes, making them effective for regulating critical processes. Operating with a bimetallic disc that triggers open or closed states at specific temperatures, these thermostats prevent overheating or underheating in industrial applications. Built to withstand challenging industrial conditions, Senasys snap disc thermostats are essential for maintaining optimal temperatures in different settings.

Tempro thermsostats and guards


Thermostats & Guards

Tempro Line Voltage Thermostats play a pivotal role in industrial settings by exerting precise control over air temperature through the regulation of fans. Employed within heating & air circulation systems, these thermostats, configured for line voltage, directly influence the power supply to fans. By integrating with electric heaters & air circulation mechanisms, they orchestrate the activation & deactivation of fans, ensuring optimal air temperature conditions. The line voltage design allows for efficient & direct management of the fan systems, contributing to the overall effectiveness of industrial air processes. With added protective guards, these thermostats not only enhance safety but also guarantee the reliability of fan operation.

Pneumatic switches and controls


Pneumatic Switches & Controls

Presair Pneumatic Switches & Controls are well known components in the industrial sector, providing solutions for precise process control and automation. Widely used in industrial machinery & systems, these switches play a role in ensuring reliable & accurate control. Their applications range from material handling to conveyor systems & pneumatic tools. Operating on air pressure variations, Presair pneumatic switches seamlessly integrate into complex industrial automation setups. Built with durability in mind, these devices withstand challenging industrial conditions, enhancing the efficiency and safety of manufacturing processes.