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We make a wide range of temperature switches including, bimetal, duct sensing and fluid filled capillary style thermostat switches. We also produce a number of lines of industrial panel mount control switches as well as a group of micro switches. Our products are U.S.A. made.

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Temperature Switches

Take a look at our impressive selection of temperature switches, including snap disc thermostats and capillary thermostats.

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Senasys manufactures a line of pressure, vacuum and air switches.

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Industrial Controls

Senasys is the only company that manufactures multi-light rotary switch controls.

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Founded in 1999 with three employees in a few hundred square feet, we have now grown to over fifty employees and 30,000 sq ft. We recently added a line of pressure, vacuum and air switches that are currently hosted at PresAir.com. We excel at helping OEMs using small to large volume of devices solve switch problems related to temperature, pressure/vacuum, air flow, and more. We look forward to helping you find the right switch for your application.

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