Senasys offers control components tailored for the HVAC industry, featuring a diverse range of products such as Snap Disc Thermostats, Capillary Thermostats, Duct Limit Controls, Line Voltage Thermostats, & CMC Industrial Controls. Within HVAC systems, our Snap Disc Thermostats ensure precise temperature regulation, while Capillary Thermostats provide adaptable control solutions. Duct Limit Controls play a role in maintaining optimal conditions within ductwork, and Line Voltage Thermostats offer effective control over heating systems. The integration of CMC Industrial Controls enhances overall system efficiency & monitoring capabilities. Explore how Senasys delivers a reliable & diverse array of solutions to elevate performance in the HVAC industry by clicking on one of the blog posts below.

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Senasys Solutions in the HVAC Industry

TC Firestat duct limit controls


Duct Limit Controls

Firestat Duct Limit Switches are essential safety devices in the HVAC industry, utilizing a helix bi-metal element to detect rapid temperature changes within air ducts. As temperatures rise beyond a predetermined set point, the bi-metal element triggers a snap action switch, either opening or closing an electrical circuit. Installed directly in air ducts, these switches ensure a swift response to temperature variations, allowing for the automatic shutdown of heating, air conditioning, & ventilation equipment. Commonly found in apartment complexes & multiple dwelling units, Firestat limit switches play a role in preventing overheating-related hazards, contributing to the overall safety & reliability of HVAC systems by maintaining operation within safe temperature limits.

food equipment oem temperature control


Capillary Thermostats & Thermowells

STEMCO’s Capillary Switches & Thermowells are essential in HVAC systems, particularly in water heaters, where they regulate temperature by responding to fluid expansion or contraction within a metal enclosure. These switches ensure reliable temperature control. Simultaneously, thermowells serve as protective covers for temperature switches in industrial HVAC systems, safeguarding them in environments such as water heaters & large-scale heating systems. In applications like water heaters, thermowells play a crucial role in maintaining accurate & sustained temperature measurements within the pipes. Both capillary switches & thermowells from STEMCO contribute significantly to the efficiency & reliability of HVAC systems in diverse settings.

Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Snap-Disc

Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats are pivotal in the HVAC industry, providing precise temperature control & monitoring. Available in 1/2″ & 3/4″ types, these thermostats are employed in heating systems to regulate temperature, control fans in air conditioning units, monitor ventilation components, & serve as safety devices in extreme conditions. With a commitment to energy efficiency & system safety, Senasys Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats play a role in maintaining optimal conditions & ensuring reliable performance across diverse HVAC systems.

Tempro thermsostats and guards


Thermostats & Guards

Tempro Line Voltage Thermostats & Guards play an important role in HVAC applications by regulating & safeguarding electrical components. Specifically designed for the challenges of HVAC systems, Tempro’s line voltage thermostats efficiently control heating or cooling equipment, handling the higher voltage levels inherent in these systems. Complementing this functionality, Tempro guards provide essential protection, preventing physical damage or tampering with the thermostats. This combined solution ensures precise temperature control, enhances the overall reliability of the HVAC system, & extends the operational lifespan by safeguarding critical components from potential hazards or interference.