Senasys products are used across a variety of different industries.

Select an industry below to learn more about how our products are used in each.

Aerospace, Railway & Other Transportation

Senasys is a reliable provider of essential control components for the aerospace, railway and other transportation industry.


Senasys products serve critical functions, ensuring optimal conditions for processes like seed germination, livestock housing, & greenhouse climate control.


Senasys is a key contributor to the aquatic industry, offering control components for diverse applications including temperature control, pump control and more.


Senasys is a leader in the electronics industry, offering a range of precision control components.

Food Equipment

Senasys products play an important role in maintaining optimal conditions for diverse processes, including food warming equipment, deep fat fryers, ware washers, ovens, & other applications.

Home, Do-It-Yourselfers

Senasys provides control components for DIY enthusiasts & solutions for the home.


Explore how Senasys delivers a reliable & diverse array of solutions to elevate performance in the HVAC industry.


Senasys’ offerings play a crucial role in applications such as industrial heating equipment, pneumatic systems, control panels, & more.


Senasys delivers solutions tailored for the machining industry.


The technical versatility & precision engineering of Senasys products significantly contribute to the efficiency & safety of medical equipment.