Snap disc Mounting Style

With snap discs, different applications will require a different snap disc mounting style. Temperature switches can be installed in a variety of environments, and the right mounting bracket is needed to make sure that the switch is able to perform accurately. Even if a switch functions at the right temperature, the wrong bracket can cause it switch at the wrong time or even not switch at all.

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430 Pipe Mount Thermostat Switch

Pipe Mounts

Senasys offers a variety of pipe mount thermostat switches. Available in our auto reset, manual reset and epoxy sealed series, the pipe mount thermostats have become a popular item for many of our customers. Typically when mounting the switch to the outer diameter of the pipe, the switch is sensing a fluid temperature or air temperature as it passes through. The snap disc reacts quickly to the change and opens or closes the circuit. We offer a variety of materials to fit application requirements including aluminum and brass.

If the pipe is much larger than the switch, then it’s recommended that a block be attached to the pipe for a switch to mount to. The most important thing to keep in mind is the amount of surface area making contact. The more surface area that is in contact with the switch, the better.

Thermostat Standard Flange MountedFlange Mounts

Flange Mount Snap Discs are an integral component in a wide range of applications, providing a critical solution for recessed mounting. This cap option is part of a family of caps designed to enhance the performance and accuracy of temperature sensing devices. Its unique design allows the temperature sensing element to be positioned closer to the monitoring region, which has several advantages that can greatly benefit various industries.

404 manual reset snap disc thermostat, airstream mount

Airstream Mounts

An airstream mount is used in applications where the switch can’t be attached to a surface. If a device is made of material that does not conduct heat well, then measuring the temperature of a surface might allow the device to get too hot before the switch shuts it down.


430 Stud Mount Thermostat SwitchSurface/Stud Mounts

Surface and stud mounts are used when a switch needs to be mounted to a flat surface. Typically the surface would be metal, as metal conducts heat well. Surface mounts are the most common type of mounting style, as they are versatile. Stud mounts screw into a hole, which makes them easy to install. However, they can’t be used if the surface is too thin.

Senasys designs and manufactures a number of different snap disc thermostats with a variety of mounting styles. Our switches are used in many different applications, including generators, heaters, and even vending machines.

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