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During the research and development phase for the digital thermostat switch, we had a new application brought to us which allowed Senasys to pair a thermocouple with temperature monitors rather than our standard RTD sensor to monitor temperature. A production line uses a hot brander to stamp cover plates (figure 1). As you can imagine, a hot brander gets HOT (+500°F) and the production line needs a way to monitor when the iron reaches the required temperature signaling to the operator the tool is ready to be used. For more information about Digital Thermostat Switch  that monitors temperature, visit the product page or request a quote!

Digital Thermostat Switch Monitors Temperature Using Thermocouple

Panel Mount Temperature Control Uses Thermocouple

Our standard RTD can only sense up to 200°F, so using a thermocouple sensor and interface board (figure 2), we can switch equipment when temperature reaches above 200°F.

In this example the control board is mounted behind a panel with the OLED display and operator adjustment knobs. The display gives a real time temperature to the operator as the brander heats up. If the temperature of the iron needs to be adjusted depending on the material of the cover plate, the operator can adjust the switching temperature and differential using the adjustment knobs to meet their work instructions procedure.

Below you can see the sensor in the panel mount temperature control, as well as the operator view.

Digital Thermostat Switch Monitors Temperature    Digital Thermostat Switch Monitors Temperature

Panel Mount Temperature Controller

The temperature controller is a cost-effective, temperature switch solution that allows tight differentials and tolerances that mechanical thermostat switches can’t provide. This versatile switching solution can be customized in a variety of ways making it a great solution for your next application!

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