CMC selector-push units

CMC Micro Switch

CMC multi light controls are ideal for panel mount control systems. The four quadrant feedback lights and multi-position selector units provide the same functionality as a number of simpler switches but require much less panel space. The operating flexibility allows complex circuits to be setup with one switch eliminating the need for other switches or logic components.

CMC selector-push unitsWe’ve had many customers call in wondering if they can get a replacement for their CMC micro switch. The answer is almost always a yes, but to do so we first need some more information. If you want someone to walk you through how to determine the part number you need, then be sure to contact us.

Every CMC micro switch that we have is made up of several components, including an operator, contact blocks, a cover plate, and a legend plate. We’ll start with the easiest component to identify: the legend plate. The legend plate is always one of four numbers: 907AYY100 (blank indicator plate), 907BYY100 (blank operator plate), 907AUS (indicator plate with text), or 907BUS (operator plate with text). Related to that is the cover plate with colored inserts. This starts with a 905 if the unit uses LED bulbs, or a 906 if the unit uses incandescent lamps. This number is followed by three letters that depend on which colored inserts are used. If the unit uses LED’s, those three letters are followed by a 1 (for 6V LED’s) or a 2 (for 24V LED’s). This is also explained in our product catalog.

910 & 913 Selectors

Next we’ll look at the contact blocks. Every contact block has a part number on the unit itself, which consists of four letters. A few examples are PTCC, PTCB, and PTCW. All the contact blocks start with “PT”, so if you see a part number that doesn’t follow that format, then that’s not our part number.

PT Heavy Duty

Finally, we get to the operator. You can find the part number on the operator itself. An example of a part number would be 911ABA033YA or 910AEA151. If you do not see a part number on the operator then you will need to fill out a quote sheet and send it in to Once all four of the components are put together, we give the assembly as a whole its own unique part number in case that specific switch needs to be ordered again. An example of a part number that we could assign is 910CMC-1234X. If you are still not able to determine part numbers, be sure to contact us and we will help you. You can find more information in our product catalog.



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