Senasys is a reliable provider of essential control components for the aerospace & railway industries, featuring products such as Snap Disc Thermostats & CMC Industrial Switches & Controls. In aerospace applications, our Snap Disc Thermostats contribute to precise temperature control, ensuring optimal conditions for critical components. Additionally, our CMC Industrial Controls play a key role in regulating & monitoring various processes in both aerospace & railway systems. Explore how Senasys delivers reliable solutions to enhance efficiency & performance in these demanding industries by clicking one of the blog posts below.

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Senasys Solutions in the Aerospace/Railway Industry

Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Snap-Disc 

Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Snap Disc Thermostats are commonly found in aerospace & railway systems, providing precise temperature control for optimal performance & safety. In aerospace, they regulate cabin temperatures & prevent overheating in avionics systems. In railways, these thermostats contribute to passenger comfort by maintaining controlled environments in train cabins. Additionally, they play a crucial role in regulating braking system temperatures & cooling power electronics, ensuring the reliability & efficiency of critical components. Overall, Snap Disc Thermostats are crucial to aerospace & railway operations, impacting various systems & enhancing overall performance and safety.

Pneumatic switches and controls


Industrial Controls

CMC/GE Industrial Controls are essential in both the aerospace & railway industries, where they contribute to the precise control & monitoring of critical systems. In the aerospace sector, these controls are employed in engine & flight control systems, avionics, & environmental control systems. They play a key role in optimizing aircraft performance, ensuring safety, & enhancing the passenger experience. In the railway industry, CMC/GE controls are utilized for traction & braking systems, power distribution, & signaling, contributing to the efficient & safe operation of trains. Additionally, these controls find application in power generation for auxiliary & ground power units. Overall, CMC/GE Industrial Controls are fundamental in enhancing the functionality, safety, & efficiency of aerospace & railway systems.