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Fixed Temperature Switches

Senasys designs and manufactures a variety of fixed temperature switches including 1/2″ or 3/4″ bi-metal snap disc style, and a digital switching solution. Both switches can control or limit a system based on the surface or air temperature. The digital temperature switches have tighter tolerances and differentials than our mechanical bi-metal type. Although, bi-metal is commonly used as a fail-safe.

Our fixed temperature switches will change states at a preset temperature, -50-450°F. The temperature switches are used in equipment to open or close a circuit when temperature changes. A wide range of temperature settings, tolerances and differentials available; and a variety of terminals and mounting options.

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Digital Temperature Switches

Designed by Senasys, the digital temperature switch is a cost effective, flexible switching solution that allows for tight differentials and tolerances. The digital switch can be used as a standalone board mounted to the control panel, or as a completed enclosure.

The digital temperature switch is a great solution for research and development projects to determine what the switching temperature required for the application is, as well as the tolerance and differential.

Our digital temperature switch is a device which uses an RTD sensor inside an epoxy filled cap, or probe style. Other custom sensor options are available. The digital switch changes states at a preset temperature between -50-200°F.

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Snap Disc Thermostat Switches

Senasys manufactures a wide variety of bimetal, fixed temperature, snap disc thermostat switches that can sense temperatures from -40-450°F. Available as a 3/4″ for a larger surface area giving you a more accurate response or 1/2″ surface area for those small spaces.

Quality-engineered thermal sensors specifically designed for a variety of major appliances, including clothes dryers, hot liquid and food-dispensing machines, room unit and space heaters, air conditioning systems, copy machines, engine heaters, and wood stoves.

Senasys bimetal snap disc thermostat switches are available in four different options:

  • Automatic Reset
  • Hermetically Epoxy Sealed
  • Manual Reset
  • Single Shot

For more information about our snap disc thermostat switches, visit the product page.

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