Senasys is a leader in the electronics industry, offering a range of precision control components. Our lineup includes Snap Disc Thermostats, Capillary Switches, Soldering Irons, CMC Industrial Controls, Pressure Switches, Digital Temperature Switches, & Line Voltage Thermostats. These components cater to various applications, ensuring precise temperature control, efficient monitoring, & seamless operation in electronic systems. Explore how Senasys delivers reliable & diverse solutions to contribute to the success of the dynamic electronics industry by clicking one of the blog posts below. 

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Senasys Solutions in the Agricultural Industry

K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostats


Weatherproof Line Voltage Thermostats

K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostats are integral in the electronics industry, efficiently regulating fans that monitor air temperature within electronic enclosures. Embedded in electronic cabinets, these thermostats initiate fan operation when temperatures surpass predetermined thresholds, facilitating optimal heat dissipation & preventing potential damage to sensitive electronic components. This automated & precise temperature control mechanism not only ensures the reliability & longevity of electronic equipment but also contributes to energy efficiency by activating fans only when necessary.

Digital Temperature Switch, Digital Pressure Switch

Senasys Digital Switch 

Electronic Temperature Switches

The Senasys Digital Temperature Switch serves as an efficient & straightforward solution for monitoring & controlling temperature in electronic applications, particularly in heating & cooling systems. Tailored for original equipment manufacturers, this switch can be employed as a standalone sensor within an enclosure or mounted directly onto a control panel. Its functionality extends to the precise regulation of various equipment, including fans or compressors, enhancing the overall efficiency of electronic systems. The switch incorporates a digital thermometer, ensuring high accuracy with tight tolerances & differentials, making it a reliable & effective component for maintaining optimal temperature conditions in electronic applications

Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Snap-Disc 

Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats are essential in the electronics industry for precise temperature control. These thermostats, featuring a bi-metallic disc that snaps into action in response to temperature changes, effectively regulate temperatures within specified ranges. Widely employed in electronic devices like power supplies, control panels, & enclosures, they prevent overheating, ensuring optimal performance & durability of sensitive electronic components. The thermostats’ versatility, durability, & responsiveness make them indispensable in electronics manufacturing, contributing to the efficiency & reliability of electronic systems.

Tempro thermsostats and guards


Thermostats & Guards

Tempro line voltage thermostats and guards are essential in electronic applications, precisely regulating temperature & protecting sensitive equipment in electrical enclosures. These devices monitor temperature levels & activate heating elements as needed for optimal operating conditions, with guards preventing overheating and equipment damage. Deployed in industrial settings or electronic cabinets, Tempro’s products contribute significantly to system reliability, addressing thermal concerns & ensuring efficient electronic component performance.

iso-tip soldering irons


Soldering Irons & Tools

Iso-Tip Soldering Irons are widely utilized in the electronics industry for their precision & reliability in soldering applications. These portable & cordless soldering irons offer engineers & technicians the flexibility to work on intricate electronic components with ease. The quick heat-up time ensures optimal soldering conditions for various materials, ranging from delicate circuit boards to larger components. The compact design & ergonomic features of Iso-Tip soldering irons make them ideal for both fieldwork & benchtop use, allowing professionals in the electronics industry to achieve precise & efficient soldering, contributing to the production & repair of electronic devices with high-quality solder joints.



Industrial Controls

In the electronics industry, CMC Multilight Controls & GE Industrial Controls play a role in enhancing operational efficiency & safety within control systems. Specifically designed for panel mount applications, CMC Multilight Controls offer a user-friendly interface for operators, allowing precise control over electronic processes. These controls are adept at managing various aspects of industrial machinery, ensuring seamless functionality & facilitating quick responses to dynamic production requirements. GE Industrial Controls contribute to the reliability of electronic systems by providing robust & technologically advanced solutions for automation & monitoring. Together, CMC & GE Industrial Controls contribute to the optimization of processes in the electronics industry, ensuring a streamlined & efficient production environment.

Stemco Capillary Thermostats

Capillary Switch

Capillary Switches & Thermowells

Stemco Capillary Switches & Thermowells are employed in electronic settings for precise liquid temperature sensing, regulating heating & cooling elements in applications such as electronic enclosures. These switches contribute to optimal system performance by preventing overheating. To enhance protection, thermowells are commonly used, shielding the capillary tube from external influences. The integration of Stemco capillary switches with thermowells ensures accurate liquid temperature management, promoting efficient electronic system operation & component durability.