Senasys Machine Shop & Empire Corrugated collaborate to deliver solutions tailored for the machining industry. Senasys Machine Shop specializes in critical components such as Precision Machined Parts, CNC-machined components, & Tooling Accessories, optimizing performance in diverse machining processes. Empire Corrugated, meanwhile, is a key player in manufacturing replacement parts for the corrugated box industry. Our focus on high-quality replacement components ensures the integrity and efficiency of corrugated box machinery. Explore the links provided to discover the applications & benefits of these product lines, providing reliable & customized solutions for efficient machining & replacement parts within the corrugated box sector.

custom options

Designed & manufactured to meet requirements of original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Made in U.s.a.

Senasys products are designed & manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


Senasys products are UL/cUL Recognized.

High Quality

Senasys products are 100% tested before they leave our facilities.

Senasys Solutions in the Machining Industry

Empire Corrugated Machinery

Empire Corrugated Machinery

Replacement Parts for the Corrugated Box Industry

Empire Corrugated Machinery is a leading supplier of high-quality replacement parts for corrugated box machines, addressing the crucial need for continuous production in the machining industry. Specializing in precision-engineered components such as blades, cutting tools, rollers, bearings, belts, chains, & electrical elements, the company is committed to durability & precision. With a focus on practical solutions, we offer customized options tailored to the unique requirements of individual manufacturing setups. By providing reliable components, Empire Corrugated Machinery helps manufacturers optimize operations, reduce downtime, & stay competitive in the corrugated box production landscape.

Senasys Machine

Senasys Machine

Machine Shop

Specializing in advanced machining applications, Senasys Machine Shop is at the forefront of delivering precise & efficient solutions. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology & a highly skilled team, we excel in CNC machining & custom tooling services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise in optimizing production processes ensures superior quality for machined components. Committed to exceeding expectations, Senasys Machine Shop is the go-to partner for innovative machining solutions, setting industry standards through a focus on precision, efficiency, and unmatched quality.