Senasys is a key contributor to the aquatic industry, offering control components for diverse applications. Our product lineup includes Snap Disc Thermostats, Capillary Thermostats, Air Switches, & Line Voltage Controls. Snap Disc & Capillary Thermostats ensure precise temperature regulation for optimal aquatic conditions. Air Switches, crucial for pump control, enhance water quality & system efficiency. Meanwhile, Line Voltage Thermostats monitor air temperature, ensuring a controlled environment. Explore how Senasys provides reliable & adaptable solutions for the unique requirements of the aquatic industry by clicking on the blog posts below

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Senasys Solutions in the Aquatic Industry

K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostats


Weatherproof Line Voltage Thermostats

K-Kontrols Weatherproof Line Voltage Thermostats find widespread application in the aquatic industry for effectively managing air temperatures within enclosed spaces. Renowned for their accuracy, these thermostats play a crucial role in maintaining precise temperature levels in various aquatic settings. Engineered to withstand the challenges posed by diverse environmental conditions, these thermostats offer dependable solutions for controlling temperatures in enclosed aquatic facilities. The robust, weatherproof design ensures resilience against moisture, dust, & other environmental elements, making them particularly suitable for the demanding conditions prevalent in the aquatic industry.

Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Snap-Disc 

Bi-Metal Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys Snap Disc Thermostats find valuable applications in the aquatic industry, particularly in maintaining precise temperature control for various aquatic systems. These thermostats are designed to regulate temperature by activating or deactivating heating or cooling elements based on preset temperature thresholds. In aquatic environments, they are commonly employed in aquariums, fish tanks, & aquaculture systems to ensure optimal conditions for aquatic life. The snap disc design allows for quick and reliable temperature adjustments, contributing to the well-being of aquatic organisms by preventing temperature fluctuations that can be harmful. Senasys snap-disc thermostats play a crucial role in creating a stable & conducive environment, supporting the health and longevity of aquatic species within controlled temperature parameters.

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Capillary Switches & Thermowells

Stemco Capillary Thermostats & Thermowells are employed in the aquatic industry, specifically in applications like hot tubs, to ensure accurate temperature regulation & control over the heating element. These thermostats are designed to maintain a consistent water temperature by using a capillary tube to position the sensing element within the water. As the water temperature varies, the Stemco capillary thermostat adjusts the heating element accordingly, promoting a stable & comfortable environment for users. This precise temperature management not only enhances the overall experience but also contributes to energy efficiency by preventing unnecessary heating. In essence, Stemco capillary thermostats play a significant role in optimizing the performance of hot tubs & other aquatic systems, providing reliable & efficient temperature control.

Pneumatic switches and controls


Pneumatic Switches & Controls

Presair Pneumatic Switches & Controls are crucial in the aquatic industry, particularly in pools & spas. These devices enable the smooth operation & control of different aquatic systems. Built to withstand challenging aquatic environments, they ensure reliable performance in both wet & dry conditions. Widely used for regulating water features such as jets, lighting, & heating systems, these switches offer a user-friendly interface for easy management. Their durable construction & water-resistant design make Presair Pneumatic Switches essential for enhancing efficiency & safety in aquatic facilities, where they play a key role in managing water-based amenities.