Senasys provides control components for DIY enthusiasts, featuring a diverse product range including Soldering Irons, Line Voltage Thermostats, & Pneumatic Controls. Our Soldering Irons offer precision soldering work in DIY projects. Line Voltage Thermostats ensure straightforward temperature control for heating & cooling solutions. Additionally, our Pneumatic Controls are specifically designed to enhance DIY setups, offering a versatile solution for various applications. Explore how Senasys delivers reliable & versatile solutions for DIY enthusiasts to elevate their projects by clicking one of the posts below.

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Senasys Solutions in the DIY Industry

K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostats


Weatherproof Line Voltage Thermostats

K-Kontrols Weatherproof Line Voltage thermostats provide a practical solution for DIY enthusiasts aiming to achieve precise temperature control in applications such as greenhouses & chicken coops. In greenhouses, these thermostats can regulate fans to maintain optimal growing conditions for plants. For chicken coops, users can install & program the thermostat to manage ambient temperature, ensuring a comfortable environment for poultry. The robust & weatherproof design of K-Kontrol thermostats guarantees durability in outdoor conditions, making them suitable for reliable temperature control in DIY projects.

iso-tip soldering irons


Soldering Irons & Tools 

Iso-Tip cordless soldering irons, powered by rechargeable batteries, & butane soldering irons, fueled by butane gas, are two versatile tools in soldering applications. Cordless irons offer mobility & flexibility with the absence of cords, making them ideal for various tasks. They are suitable for applications from electronics to automotive repairs. Butane soldering irons provide complete cordless freedom, making them convenient for on-the-go soldering tasks, including plumbing & metalwork. Both types of irons enable work in locations with limited access to power. The choice between cordless & butane soldering irons depends on factors such as power preferences, specific applications, & the need for portability.

Tempro thermsostats and guards


Thermostats & Guards

Tempro Line Voltage Thermostats & Guards designed for DIY applications are typically utilized to control devices like fans in various settings, including barns. These thermostats are wired to the electrical system & can automatically activate or deactivate fans based on temperature readings, ensuring that the environment stays within the desired range. Incorporating guards with these thermostats can add a layer of protection, preventing accidental tampering or damage. DIY enthusiasts can benefit from the simplicity and effectiveness of such systems in creating a tailored solution for temperature regulation in barns or other spaces.

Pneumatic switches and controls


Pneumatic Switches & Controls

Presair Pneumatic Switches & controls serve various roles in DIY applications. Enthusiasts frequently employ these switches, such as air foot switches, to enhance safety & convenience in controlling shop equipment like saws or microscope lights. In the realm of recreational projects, Presair pneumatic switches become essential replacements when issues arise in hot tub jet functionality. When existing air switches or air push buttons in hot tubs malfunction, DIYers are able to easily replace them, restoring control over the jets with a user-friendly & cost-effective solution