Thermostat Controls Water Heater Pump

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It’s possible to build a water heater that is much more environmentally friendly than ones that use electricity or natural gas. A sun powered water heater is both eco and financially friendly. Water heaters typically use electricity or natural gas to heat the water. However, we recently had a customer who designed a system that controls their water heater pump with the sun by utilizing a snap disc thermostat.  View our selection of snap disc thermostats.

Thermostat Controls Water Heater Pump

The system works by using a series of vacuum tubes. The sun heats the water in the pipes and the nature of vacuum tubes causes the heat to be retained. The water is fed into a water tank with a heater exchanger, and then pumped into the house. You can use a solar panel for the water pump to be extra eco-friendly.

A temperature switch is used to turn the water pump on once tank fills up. The hot water in the tank heats the tank up, which closes a set of contacts on the switch. This switch turns on the water pump, which pumps the water into the house.

431 Epoxy Sealed Pipe Mount Thermal Switch

The sun-powered water heater system embodies a blend of advanced technology and sustainable principles. Leveraging the inexhaustible and renewable energy of the sun, this eco-friendly alternative not only diminishes the environmental impact typically associated with traditional water heaters but also offers a cost-efficient solution for those prioritizing ecological considerations. Embracing such innovative approaches marks a stride towards a more environmentally conscious future, where clean energy sources are harnessed to fulfill our daily requirements.

Snap Disc Specifications

This type of control can be built to either open or close its electrical contacts as the temperature increases. Once the temperature of the bimetal disc has returned to the specified reset temperature, the contacts will automatically return to their original state.

Our heavy duty 25 Amp automatic reset thermostat switch is great for unique applications which require a faster response time or a lower contact resistance. The 15 Amp auto reset switches are available in many different mounting options and create a small footprint being a more cost effective solution.

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