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Temperature Tolerance of a Thermostat Switch

Measurements are never precise and the temperature tolerance is no exception. You will need to determine what range of temperatures are acceptable for your particular application. Even a ruler isn’t exactly 12 inches. If you take a measurement out to enough decimal places, you’ll find some level of variation from what it claims to be. This is the same with temperature. After you have determined the correct tolerance for your application, view our selection of automatic reset switches to purchase.Thermostat switch temperature tolerance

The temperature tolerance of a switch tells us the acceptable level of variation it may have and is commonly called out with a “±” symbol . For example, a switch that opens at 100°F with a 5°F tolerance could open anywhere between 95°F and 105°F. This would be written out as 100°F ± 5°F.

Snap disc thermostats commonly have between a ± 5°F and ± 10°F tolerance on both the open and closing temperatures. Tighter tolerances are possible but are more difficult to achieve. To consistently achieve a tighter tolerance, you would need to have a switch with a digital component. Snap discs are entirely mechanical, so they can only be so precise.

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Automatic Reset Snap Disc Thermostats

This type of control can be built to either open or close its electrical contacts as the temperature increases. Once the temperature of the bimetal disc has returned to the specified reset temperature, the contacts will automatically return to their original state. 431 Epoxy Sealed Pipe Mount Thermal Switch

Our heavy duty 25 Amp automatic reset thermostat switch is great for unique applications which require a faster response time or a lower contact resistance. The 15 Amp auto reset switches are available in many different mounting options and create a small footprint being a more cost effective solution.

The below options have a switching temperature range of 0-350°F. If you require a hotter temperature of 350°F-450°F, our ceramic style thermostat switches will be best for your application.

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