RV’s offer the freedom to roam and explore the world while enjoying the comforts of home on wheels. A crucial component that facilitates this mobile lifestyle is the RV’s built-in water tank, which provides water for sinks, showers, and toilets within the camper. The design of this tank is a careful balance, as it needs to hold an adequate amount of water while fitting snugly inside the limited space of the RV. However, there’s another critical factor to consider: the impact of external temperatures. For more information about our 2511 series automatic reset snap disc thermostats, click here.

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In warmer weather, maintaining the RV’s water tank is a straightforward task. But as temperatures drop, particularly below freezing, a new challenge arises. Water freezing within the tank can lead to various issues, including damaged components and interrupted water supply. To counter this challenge, RVs are equipped with de-icers, which serve as a reliable solution for preventing water from freezing inside the tank.

De-icers are designed to keep the water in the RV’s tank from freezing. These gadgets employ a heating element that warms the water, ensuring it remains in a liquid state, even when the mercury plummets. This safeguard is particularly essential in colder regions and during the winter months when the risk of freezing is at its peak.

However, it’s inefficient to keep the de-icer running constantly. Not only does this consume unnecessary energy, but it can also lead to overheating and wear on the device. To effectively protect your RV water heater, a smart and efficient solution comes into play: snap disc thermal switches.

Thermal Switches Protect RV Water Heater

An example of this being used is with Garry N, who replaced the thermal switch on the water bay heater of his motorhome with a more robust one made by, you guessed it- Senasys.

Here’s what he told us about it:

“We used your firm’s thermal switch to replace the one installed by the factory on our 2006 motorhome.  After a good deal of research, we determined the following:

1. The thermal switches installed by [the motorhome manufacturer] are rated for residential/commercial purposes, not for motorhomes.  This often results in early failure.  Many motorhome couples report that they need to replace their switches every year, when using their motorhomes year-round.

2. The thermal switch in our motorhome was rated to turn on our water bay heater at 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Since this is below freezing, it did not protect our water bay.  The replacement switch we purchased from your firm is rated to turn on at 35 degrees.  After reading the motorhome manufacturer’s manual, we believe the old switch was a manufacturer’s mistake–their manual indicated our old switch should have activated somewhere between 32 and 40 degrees (36 ± 4 degrees).

3. We selected your firm’s product because the specifications at your website indicated your switch is built more durably.

So far, we have been very pleased with the performance of your company’s switch.”

Perusing some RVing blogs, it turns out there are plenty of uses for bi-metal snap disc thermostats in a motorhome.  We look forward to hearing more about it!  Safe Travels!

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