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In the heart of Southern Colorado, where the sun typically provides ample warmth, a unique meditation room is being constructed with compressed straw bale walls and a super-insulated roof. This serene space is designed for passive solar heating, relying on nature’s energy to create a comfortable environment. However, recognizing the occasional challenges presented by consecutive cloudy days or extreme cold spells below -20°F, a heating solution is being implemented – a custom fireplace equipped with a 2511 series snap disc thermostat. For additional information on the 2511 series thermostat controls for a heat exchanger pump, click here.

The Fireplace and Passive Solar Heating

The meditation room’s primary heating source is passive solar heat, harnessing the sun’s energy to create a tranquil and naturally warm atmosphere. However, to address the rare instances when nature’s warmth is insufficient, a custom fireplace is introduced. This fireplace is not an ordinary one; it incorporates a copper coil heat exchanger at its pinnacle.

Integration of a Heat Exchanger

To maximize the efficiency of the fireplace, a copper coil heat exchanger is integrated into the top of the structure. This heat exchanger connects to a closed-loop system of in-floor radiant heat tubing, embedded approximately 2 inches within the poured adobe floor. This design sets the stage for an intricate heating system that seamlessly complements the passive solar heating strategy.

2511 Automatic Reset Thermal Switch - Surface MountThermostat Controls Heat Exchanger Pump

At the core of this heating system are the thermostat controls, specifically the 2511 Auto Reset Thermostat Switch Series. These controls utilize a bimetal disc that reacts to changes in temperature. When the ambient temperature within the fireplace surpasses 120°F, the thermostat activates a 120V 60W Taco 007 heat exchanger pump. This pump diligently circulates water through the closed-loop system, effectively transferring heat from the fireplace to the in-floor radiant heat tubing.

Efficient Temperature Regulation

Conversely, the thermostat deactivates the pump when the temperature of the coil drops to approximately 70°F. This precise temperature regulation ensures optimal operation of the system. Initial cycles may involve the pump turning on and off as the water circulating through the floor loop initially returns at a lower temperature. However, as heat is transferred to the adobe mass, the system achieves a steady-state operation until the fire diminishes, causing the coil temperature to drop below 70°F.

In the pursuit of an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious heating solution, the integration of thermostat controls into a custom fireplace proves to be a remarkable achievement. This system seamlessly blends passive solar heating with an intelligent backup mechanism, ensuring comfort in the meditation room even during rare weather challenges. As the fireplace becomes a centerpiece of warmth and tranquility, the thermostat controls play a role in orchestrating the delicate dance between nature’s energy and innovative technology.

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