Senasys Inc. and its’ divisions –Tempro, STEMCO and ELMWOOD Snap Disc are set to exhibit at the 2023 AHR EXPO in Atlanta, Georgia! The expo is set to take place at the World Congress Center from February 6th-8th 2023. Find them in Booth #B1068.

Line Voltage Single Stage ThermostatTempro, a division of Senasys consisting of Line Voltage Thermostats and Guards has exhibited previously at AHR, but this year, they are taking along their Snap Disc product lines as well. AHR is a perfect destination to visit with the top heating, ventilation, and air conditioning distributors and original equipment manufacturers in the business along with other industry professionals such as designers, builders, contractors, facility managers, and architects.

Tempro designs and manufactures a variety of Thermostat Guards and Line Voltage Thermostats. The thermostat switches are used in equipment to open or close a circuit when temperature changes. These weatherproof thermostats are great for control of heaters, fans, air conditioners, ventilation equipment and more. Tempro Temperature Control Guards are designed to protect your thermostat from tampering hands. Manufactured with the highest quality materials and production standards to ensure rugged dependability and attractive appearance. These guards are available in a variety of materials for different industrial, office, and hospitality environments.

snap disc thermostats AHR EXPOThe Snap Disc product lines consist of high quality-engineered thermal sensors specifically designed for a variety of major appliances, including clothes dryers, hot liquid and food-dispensing machines, room unit and space heaters, air conditioning systems, copy machines, engine heaters, and wood stoves. Senasys bimetal Snap Disc Thermostat Switches can be either ½” or ¾” in size and are available in four different options: automatic reset, hermetically epoxy sealed, manual reset, or single shot. In addition, multiple different terminals and mounting configurations are available.

About Senasys

AHR ExpoSenasys, Inc. was founded in 1999 in Freeport, Ill., and relocated to the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area in 2001. Their business has expanded over the years to include product lines developed in-house as well as acquisitions of components previously produced by companies such as Tempro, STEMCO, and Elmwood. Senasys supports and finds solutions for niche manufacturing products in the electro-mechanical industry. With our industry knowledge and direct customer service, we can support other original equipment manufacturers globally.

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The superior controls manufactured by Senasys have a history of solid performance in many industries. From 22.5 mm selectors, to the four quadrant lighted feedback CMC controls, almost any switching need can be, and has been utilized in a variety of applications. Select a group below for more information. When you have found a switch that fits your needs, simply fax or email your specs to us and let our highly trained engineers find the most efficient configuration for your applications.

Custom Soltutions

Senasys products are designed & manufactured to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Made in U.S.A.

Senasys products are designed & manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S.A.