Thermostats for Radiant Heat Pump

In solar radiant heat pump systems, thermal energy is usually stored in a large well insulated hot water storage tank. Depending on the system requirements these tanks can be as large as 800 gallons. Some tanks that are used for domestic hot water may require an approved pressure vessel, others like drain back systems are at atmospheric pressure. The heat required for radiant home heating can be very large thus requiring a large store of high temperature water. Unfortunately during the summer months when heating is not required and the solar energy is at its strongest, unsafe tank temperatures will require a safety mechanism for diverting the heat to some form of heat dump. This can be a pool, spa or ground source heat dump. A tool that can help your radiant heat pump systems know the right time to dump the heat is with on of our Snap Disc Thermostats.

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Snap Disc Thermostats for Radiant Heat Pump Systems

2511 Airstream Mount Automatic Reset Thermal Switch - Airstream Mount (2)A snap disc thermostat, which can be used to turn on a small circulating pump (1/25 hp), or activate a three port valve that will divert the heat to a heat dump. The temperature requirements will vary depending on the type of storage tank and type of heat dump mechanism required.

101A: For atmospheric (non-pressurized) tanks that use container water proof liners:
ON temperature of 165 degrees F, and OFF temperature of 150 degrees F.

101B: For pressure vessel type storage:
ON temperature of 180 degrees F, and OFF temperature of 165 degrees F.

Operating currents are under 2 amps for 120v AC and under 4 amps for 12 volt DC.

Our temperature switches work by using a bimetal disc. The bimetal disc in the switch reacts to heat, and opens or closes a set of contacts based on what the ambient temperature is. This is works because the different metals in the disc react to heat in different ways, which causes the disc to bend.

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