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Coffee Maker Thermostat Replacement Guide

Replacing the thermostat(s) in your coffee maker couldn’t be easier.  In this article, you will discover how our snap disc and capillary thermostats can be used as replacements and a few tips on how to repair your coffee maker. Keep in mind, the size and price of your coffee maker will make a difference on which controls are used.

IMPORTANT: Always be sure the unit is unplugged and there is no power going to the coffee maker. The unit should be cooled down before attempting any information in this article.

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Types of Coffee Maker Thermostats

432 Manual Reset Thermal Switch - Surface Mount
Snap Disc Thermostat

Most coffee makers have two control systems. The first of the control systems is either a Snap Disc thermostat or a Capillary thermostat. A Snap Disc thermostat is normally found in household coffee makers and has a fixed temperature setting.  A Snap Disc is normally the least expensive option.  A Capillary thermostat on the other hand has an adjustable temperature range and is commonly found in larger industrial coffee makers.

Capillary Thermostat Switch
Capillary Thermostat

The second type of control system is the high limit. The high limit prevents your coffee maker from burning up when it runs out of liquids, or if the heater were to malfunction.  The high limit control is typically a Snap Disc thermostat or a Thermal Fuse. If the temperature becomes too high for the unit to withstand, the Snap Disc or Thermal Fuse will open the incoming power control circuit and turn of the equipment. Keep in mind, some newer units may be using a digital thermostat instead of a Snap Disc or Capillary Thermostat.


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How To Test If Your Coffee Maker’s Snap Disc Needs To Be Replaced.

Testing your coffee maker to see if the high limit has been reached is actually pretty simple.

  1. First, unplug the unit from the incoming power,
  2. Remove the wires from the thermostat.
  3. Run a continuity test across the terminals on the high limit.

If you notice that you do not get a light, that indicates that the circuit is open which indicates that the high limit has been set off.

Most coffee makers have a one-shot snap disc thermostat and once the high limit is hit, it will need to be replaced. However, a higher priced unit might have a snap disc thermostat that is a manual reset. In this case, all you need to do is push the reset button.

How To Replace Your Coffee Makers Snap Disc

Replacing the thermostats or thermal fuse in your coffee maker is very cost friendly. Snap Disc thermostats run under $20 per unit while Capillary thermostat run just under $70 per unit.

More Information about snap disc thermostats.

Senasys makes both Capillary thermostats and Snap disc thermostatsContact us with any questions.

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