Thermostat Switch Controls Rocket Stove

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Rocket stoves have gained popularity among DIY enthusiasts for their efficiency and sustainability. In this article, we’ll explore how a sealed thermostat switch, specifically the 2570 Series Bimetal Thermostat from Senasys, can revolutionize the control of the blower in a homemade “Dual Plane Rocket Stove.” To purchase, click here.

Sealed Thermostat Switch and Heat Exchanger

At the core of this innovative setup is the sealed thermostat switch, strategically mounted to a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is connected to a blower, creating a dynamic system that enhances the performance of the rocket stove.


The sealed thermostat switch responds to temperature changes in the heat exchanger. When the water in the exchanger pipes reaches 100°F, the switch activates the blower, providing an optimal boost to the rocket stove’s efficiency. Conversely, when the temperature drops to 85°F, the switch turns the blower off, ensuring controlled and efficient operation.

Sealed Thermal Switches DC Rating

Thermostat Switch Controls Rocket Stove

One DIY enthusiast, G.S. from Rolla, MO, shared his positive experience with the Senasys sealed thermostat switch (2570L211-227). He found the switch to be not only effective but also easy to integrate into his homemade rocket stove system. G.S. highlights that the switch performs admirably, contributing to the overall success of his DIY project.

The positive testimonial from G.S. underscores the user-friendly nature of the Senasys sealed thermostat switch. The ease with which it can be integrated into a DIY rocket stove system speaks to its accessibility for a wide range of enthusiasts, from seasoned builders to those just venturing into the world of DIY projects. Such accessibility ensures that the benefits of this innovative technology can be harnessed by a diverse community of users.

As DIYers explore ways to enhance the performance of their rocket stoves, the inclusion of advanced components like the Senasys sealed thermostat switch opens up new possibilities. The focus on temperature control not only optimizes efficiency but also contributes to a more controlled and enjoyable cooking or heating experience. In the realm of sustainable living and DIY projects, innovations like these showcase how technology can be seamlessly integrated to improve functionality and efficiency.

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