Thermal switches, when paired with cooling fans, prove to be invaluable in safeguarding electronic components within recreational vehicles (RVs). R.B. from Baton Rouge, LA, recently shared his experience utilizing one of our sealed Thermal Switches to Control his RV Cooling Fan in order to protect the TV in his class C motorhome. The implementation of this thermal switch prevented a recurrence of a problematic situation where a previous TV had experienced a meltdown. The particular part used by R.B. is the 2570F108-665 which closes at 105°F and opens at 95°F. To purchase, contact us

Upon receiving our thermal switch, R.B. conducted tests to validate the on/off settings, ensuring the specifications were accurate. Satisfied with the results, he proceeded to install the thermal switch in the uppermost area of the TV’s case, strategically wiring it to auxiliary cooling fans. The switch, designed to activate the fans at 105°F and deactivate them at 95°F, has proven effective in maintaining optimal operating temperatures for the electronic equipment.

The functionality of our thermal switches lies in their utilization of a bimetal disc. This innovative technology responds to changes in temperature by causing the bimetal disc to either open or close a set of contacts. The disc, composed of different metals with varying thermal expansion rates, reacts uniquely to heat, inducing a bending motion that triggers the desired response.

R.B.’s class C motorhome serves as a practical example of how these thermal switches can be applied to enhance the longevity and performance of electronic devices in RVs. By incorporating auxiliary cooling fans into the system, the thermal switch ensures that the ambient temperature around the TV remains within a safe and efficient range.

The success story of R.B. from Baton Rouge underscores the importance of proactive measures in protecting valuable electronic investments within the dynamic environment of an RV. As technology continues to evolve, thermal switches emerge as a reliable solution for temperature regulation and electronic component preservation in the realm of recreational vehicles.

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