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Made in the USA

Senasys Switches are Made in the U.S.A.

You don’t come across this too often anymore, which is why we are proud to say it, Senasys switches are made in the U.S.A. Senasys offers a variety of different switches including our thermostat switches, snap action micro switches, air, pressure and vacuum switches, soldering tools and much more! Our main facility is located in Altoona, Wisconsin and we have other facilities throughout the area.

The Fine Print

All of the final assembly is done in the US and almost all of the parts come from the US. As one example of the parts distribution, for our 2511 snap disc thermostat line: Of the twelve components, one part comes from South Korea and another from a vendor that just moved their production to India. The other ten parts are either made in-house or supplied by a US manufacturer. This works out to around 2% of the total cost from overseas parts and 98% of final production and first level fabrication done in the US. That said we have a number of very good vendors from other countries that do a great job.

Talk to a Human

What’s even better? When you call us, you talk to a HUMAN! No machine, no dial 1 for this person. You get another friendly voice. With that said, we invite you to give Senasys a try.

For more information on the products Senasys offers, click here.

To contact our direct technical support please call 715-831-6353 or e-mail info@senasys.com

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