We recently received feedback from on of our customers using our thermal switches to save battery energy. In Laramie, Wyoming, W.K. faced the common challenge of preserving battery energy in freezing temperatures. At an elevation of 7200 feet, Laramie experiences harsh winters, with temperatures as low as -30°F. To combat the issue of inadequate battery recharge in extreme cold, W.K. implemented a practical solution using one of our sealed thermal switches to save battery energy on his solar lighting system. To purchase, contact us.

The Challenge:Thermal Switches Save Battery Energy

Elevated locations like Laramie pose a significant challenge for solar energy enthusiasts. While AGM batteries can withstand freezing temperatures, they struggle to recharge efficiently in extreme cold, impacting the reliability of solar lighting systems.

The Solution:

W.K. opted for the 2570F068-640 sealed thermal switch, designed to close by 35°F and open by 25°F. Interested individuals can easily obtain this switch for their solar lighting systems by contacting the supplier.

Implementation:Epoxy Sealed Snap Disc Thermostats

In W.K.’s solar lighting setup, two 10-watt LEDs were mounted on a solar panel, providing illumination for a housing development. The sealed thermostat switch was connected directly to the AGM battery and wired in series with one of the LEDs. When the temperature drops below freezing, the open switch prevents the second LED from activating, conserving battery energy during cold periods and reducing the risk of nighttime depletion.

W.K. succinctly summarizes the impact of this solution: “This simple switch increases the reliability of the system.” By incorporating the sealed thermal switch, W.K. has extended his battery’s lifespan and ensured a more dependable source of lighting in Laramie’s challenging winter conditions. This practical approach highlights the adaptability of solar lighting systems, showcasing how a small addition can significantly enhance the longevity and reliability of renewable energy solutions in harsh climates. W.K.’s innovation serves as an inspiration for those facing similar challenges globally, emphasizing the importance of practical solutions for sustainable energy.

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