In our ongoing commitment to providing optimal solutions for our valued customers, we’d like to highlight an ingenious adaptation shared by one of our customers that uses snap disc thermal switches to prevent oven overheating for 27″ Kitchen Aid double oven models. Models include KEBS277DBL4, KEBS277DWH4, and KEBS277DAL4. This customer encountered a recurring issue where the electronics area of the oven would overheat during the cleaning cycle, leading to thermal fuse blowouts and subsequent operational challenges. To purchase, click here.

How Thermal Switches Prevent Oven Overheating

Taking the initiative to address this concern, the customer implemented an innovative solution employing our 2511F003-201 automatic reset thermal switches. The primary objective was to ensure that the oven’s cooling fan remained active until the appliance had adequately cooled down, preventing any potential damage to the sensitive electronics.

2511 Large Bracket Automatic Reset Thermal Switch - Surface Mount (2)The customer integrated a quiet bathroom vent fan strategically placed in the cabinet above the oven. The 2511F003-201 thermal switch was then mounted inside the electronics area on the metal surface of the upper cooling fan duct, precisely chosen to accurately sense the temperature affecting the electronics. Power (115v AC) was routed through the thermal switch to the fan and back to the oven’s neutral using the power terminal (L1). Crucially, the fan was wired on the protected side of the thermal fuse, maintaining its role as a safety measure against potential fire hazards.

To optimize the cooling effect, the metal housing underwent modification, including bending a portion of the sloped back upward. This adjustment facilitated better airflow, allowing the cooling to efficiently reach the electronics. The vent fan, capable of blowing cool air into the oven box that surrounds the appliance, offered flexibility in mounting locations, with the air being ducted to the oven box as needed.

The adaptation utilizing our 2511F003-201 thermal switches has proven highly effective, ensuring that the electronics consistently remain cool under various operating conditions. An interesting observation noted by the customer was the fan occasionally coming on about 20 minutes after the oven was turned off, especially following a self-cleaning cycle. This post-cooking cooldown feature adds an unexpected but welcomed layer of functionality. The customer took great care to ensure that their modifications adhered to safety standards, and they firmly believe that the changes made do not compromise the overall safety of the appliance. This creative solution emerged from the frustration expressed in numerous customer blogs across various websites, and we are pleased that our product has played a role in addressing this challenge.

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