Compressor Overload Protection
Refrigerators, with their crucial role in keeping our food fresh, rely on a core component called […]
Thermal Switch Keeps Retail Equipment Operating
A common application use for Senasys snap disc thermostats is freeze protection. We received a new […]
Thermal Switches Prevent Water from Freezing
Maintaining the right environmental conditions in your animals water bowls crucial for their health and well-being. […]
Thermal Switch for Helipad De-icing
Helipads are vital infrastructures that play a pivotal role in various industries, from emergency medical services […]
Thermostat Switches Prevent Pipe Freeze
Preventing frozen pipes can help you avoid a lot of damage. Most households in colder climates […]
Thermal Switch Retrofits Car Horn
We recently had a customer contact us whose car horn was going off in the middle […]
Epoxy Sealed Temperature Switch
We recently had a customer order a thermal switch that heats his sons dragster engine. Tim […]
2511 Automatic Reset Thermostat Switch, 3/4"Auto Reset Thermostat Switches
RV’s offer the freedom to roam and explore the world while enjoying the comforts of home […]
Thermal Switches Save Battery Energy
We recently received feedback from on of our customers using our thermal switches to save battery […]
Thermal Switch Monitors Electronics Temperature
This application note focuses on the utilization of the 2570 thermal switch, which monitors the temperature […]