Tempro Immersion Controller

Senasys is proud to introduce the Tempro Immersion Controller, a device engineered to redefine temperature control in liquid systems. This controller, designed for applications like water heaters and boilers, stands as a technological counterpart to the Honeywell Aquastat, offering a suite of features tailored for precision and adaptability. To enquire about OEM pricing, contact us or purchase one today.

Technical Specifications

The Tempro Immersion Controller offers crucial technical features such as manual or auto reset, vertical or horizontal mounting options, surface mount, remote sensor, immersion well sensors, and the ability for private labeling. These features collectively make the controller a versatile solution ideal for managing complex temperature scenarios with practical precision.

The Immersion Controller sets itself apart with its expansive temperature range, spanning from 65°F to 240°F. This versatility enables the device to address a wide array of applications for liquid temperature sensing, seamlessly integrating into diverse industrial processes. Underlining our commitment to technical excellence, users can refine the controller with a variety of sensor options. In addition, users have the flexibility to customize the controller to meet their application needs precisely, whether it’s selecting manual or auto reset, choosing between vertical or horizontal mounting, or picking the appropriate probe type.

Competitor ComparisonAquastat Immersion Controller

In direct comparison with industry counterparts like the Honeywell Aquastat, the Tempro Immersion Controller not only surpasses with a wider temperature range but also excels with a more comprehensive selection of sensor options. This technical superiority positions Tempro as the preferred choice for industries seeking advanced and adaptable solutions in temperature control.

To sum up, the Tempro Immersion Controller leads the way in technical innovation, providing an advanced solution tailored to meet the precise temperature control needs of businesses. Explore Tempro’s technical capabilities, where precision and adaptability combine to ensure optimal performance in liquid temperature management.

To learn more about Tempro’s immersion controller, visit the product page here.

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