New CNC Lathe Increases Capacity Senasys is excited to announce a new addition to our machining capabilities, a new CNC Milltronics SL8 Lathe!
At Senasys, we have been seeing an increased demand for larger and more complex parts to better serve our customers within the corrugated cardboard industry and throughout the Chippewa Valley. This new lathe will be able to machine larger parts and improve on our throughput of the shop and to also shorten lead times for our customers. The new lathe will free up capacity of some of our other machines as well!

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New CNC Lathe Reduce Lead Times

Senasys’ new CNC Milltronics SL8 lathe has a LNS 6-foot bar loader, programmable hydraulic chuck and tail stock, and has quickly become a great addition to our shop for short productions runs (under 500) of small diameter parts, up to 3” with 20.5” of travel.

There are many reasons to select us for long and short runs. We commonly machine tool steels and other metals for clients across the entire United States. All of our machining centers insure a level of accuracy & compatibility while limiting down time.

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The superior controls manufactured by Senasys have a history of solid performance in many industries. From 22.5 mm selectors, to the four quadrant lighted feedback CMC controls, almost any switching need can be, and has been utilized in a variety of applications. Select a group below for more information. When you have found a switch that fits your needs, simply fax or email your specs to us and let our highly trained engineers find the most efficient configuration for your applications.

Custom Soltutions

Senasys products are designed & manufactured to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Made in U.S.A.

Senasys products are designed & manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S.A.