Selector push buttons
Selector-Push Buttons can be 2, 3, or 4 position which give the greatest degree of control […]
Cmc multi light selector
CMC Multilight Selector Switches Senasys manufactures multilight selector switches that are typically used in control panels. […]
Digital Thermostat Switch Monitors Temperature
During the research and development phase for the digital thermostat switch, we had a new application […]
Presair Pressure Monitor
Presair, the leading manufacturer in pneumatic switching technology, released a pressure monitor providing a low cost […]
2511 Automatic Reset Thermostat Switch, 3/4"Auto Reset Thermostat Switches
Bi-Metal snap disc thermostat switches are a simple temperature switch control solution for many appliances, such […]
Thermal Switch Monitors Oil Temperature
A large US based military vehicle company contacted us about a version of our thermostat that […]