Flexible Heater for use with Bimetal Thermostat

Bimetal Thermostat Control Common in Heaters

2570 Series Sealed Bimetal Thermostat Control

We talked to a customer today that is using an Electro-Flex flexible heater with our 2570 bimetal thermostat. It was decided that this sort of data could be valuable for other customers so we’ll be logging that info when we take technical questions from folks. We’ll then update this post to provide links to the various heater manufacturers our customers work with. If you know of other vendors that you’ve had good personal experience with let us know and we’ll add those to the list.

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Flexible Heater for use with Bimetal Thermostat

Our temperature switches work by using a bimetal disc. The bimetal disc in the switch reacts to heat, and opens or closes a set of contacts based on what the ambient temperature is. This is works because the different metals in the disc react to heat in different ways, which causes the disc to bend.

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