FASTON Terminal ConnectorsThe type of Snap Disc terminal connection you use will vary from application to application but the wrong type of snap disc terminal could cause a connection to come loose, especially in an application with vibration. 

Wikipedia states that “A terminal is the point at which a conductor from a component, device or network comes to an end. Terminal may also refer to an electrical connector at this endpoint, acting as the reusable interface to a conductor and creating a point where external circuits can be connected.”

Snap Disc Screw Terminals2511 Automatic Reset Thermal Switch - Large Flange Zero Degree Terminals (2)

A screw terminal is a type of electrical connection where a wire is held in place by the tightening of a screw. Screw terminals are low cost, reusable, and the connections are completely secure as they firmly come in contact with a larger section of wire.

Screw terminals are commonly used in the following applications:

  • Building wiring (electrical outlets, luminaires, etc).
  • Connecting a chassis ground (on record players, surge protectors, etc).
  • Major appliances (dryers, ovens, etc).

Note: With screw terminals, the wire should also be wrapped around the terminal in a clockwise loop.

Snap Disc Quick Connect Terminals2511 Automatic Reset Thermal Switch - Direct Mount Ninety Degree Terminals

A quick connect terminal (also known as a FASTON, quick disconnect, or tab terminal) provides a fast and secure connection.  Because they are so easy to connect and disconnect, they are often used in applications where repairs are frequent. Quick connect terminals are also ideal for applications where the switch won’t experience vibration

In short, screw terminals are more secure but are a bit more difficult to install. They are also slightly more expensive than quick connect terminals due as they require in house soldering. Quick connect terminals are easier to install, but should not be used in applications with vibration.

Additional Terminals

We also offer a variety of terminal options to suit different needs. Solder terminals provide a secure connection, ideal for situations where you want to prevent accidental disconnection or where there’s significant vibration that might otherwise disrupt the connection with QC terminals.

Similarly, eyelet terminals offer a secure connection, particularly useful in environments such as vehicles. Wires can be crimped or soldered onto eyelet terminals to ensure a reliable connection.

Wire crimp connectors serve the same purpose, providing a secure connection where it’s needed. The choice between these options often depends on what the customer already has in place and their specific requirements.

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