Senasys at AHR ExpoSenasys, your trusted partner in HVACR solutions, was thrilled to participate in the prestigious AHR EXPO held in Chicago, IL from January 22-24, 2024. The event proved to be an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our latest innovations and engage with industry leaders and enthusiasts.

Senasys at AHR Expo 2024 – Featured Divisions and Unveiling

Aquastat Immersion Controller

At the heart of our showcase were our individual divisions, each representing excellence in specific HVACR niches. We were especially excited to unveil our latest product, the Tempro Immersion Controller, a device designed to regulate and limit the temperature of liquids inside water heaters, boilers, and other applications requiring precise temperature control. The Tempro Immersion Controller is a direct replacement option to the Honeywell Aquastat.

Tempro Immersion Controller Highlights: The Tempro Immersion Controller meets the requirements for NEMA 1X Ratings, emphasizing our commitment to producing products of the highest standards. Featuring a broad temperature range between 65° and 240°F, these controllers demonstrated versatility for a wide array of liquid temperature sensing applications. This innovation garnered significant attention at the AHR EXPO, showcasing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of temperature control solutions and keeping up with the latest and greatest technology.

  • Tempro Line Voltage Thermostats and Guards: We proudly unveiled our Tempro Immersion Controller alongside our current line of  Line Voltage Thermostats and Guards, setting a new standard for precision temperature control. Attendees were impressed by the reliability and advanced protective features, reaffirming our commitment to quality and innovation.
  • K-Kontrol NEMA 4X Rated Line Voltage Thermostats: The focus shifted to the K-Kontrol NEMA 4X Rated Line Voltage Thermostats, known for durability and strict adherence to NEMA standards. Industry professionals recognized these thermostats as a reliable choice for various HVAC applications, emphasizing our dedication to enduring solutions.
  • Stemco/Elmwood Snap Disc Thermostats: Senasys’ Stemco/Elmwood Snap Disc Thermostats demonstrated precision and responsiveness, leaving an impact on industry experts and attendees. This further solidified our position as innovators in temperature control solutions.
  • Stemco Capillary Thermostats and Thermowells: The Stemco Capillary Thermostats showcased precision and reliability, emphasizing Senasys’ dedication to providing advanced solutions tailored to HVACR needs. Complementing Stemco Thermostats, our Thermowells played a vital role in safeguarding temperature switches.

Our booth welcomed a significant number of attendees who were already acquainted with Senasys through previous engagements or marketplace interactions. Visitors conveyed sentiments such as “We’ve had conversations before; let’s reconnect” or “Yes, Senasys, you were on my must-visit list.” This highlighted the progress we’ve made in establishing a strong and recognizable brand presence within the industry.

Global Collaboration: We were delighted to welcome our esteemed overseas partner, Wuxi Huishan Automatic Controller Co., to the AHR EXPO. This collaboration emphasized our commitment to global excellence, showcasing our dedication to integrating diverse expertise for the benefit of our customers worldwide.

Networking and Future Endeavors: The AHR EXPO provided us with invaluable networking opportunities, allowing us to engage with peers, clients, and partners. These interactions not only strengthened existing relationships but also opened doors to potential collaborations and future endeavors in the ever-evolving HVACR landscape.

Join Us in 2025: As we look ahead, we invite you to join us at the AHR EXPO 2025 in Orlando, Florida, booth 7351, from February 10-12, 2025. Be part of our continued journey towards a more efficient and connected future. Thank you for being a part of the success at AHR EXPO 2024. We look forward to meeting you again next year!

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