Epoxy Sealed Snap Disc Thermostat Switches

Epoxy Sealed Thermostats Used at Correctional Facility

To keep a security camera dry and cool in the presence of hot, moist conditions.

2570 Series Sealed Thermostats

P/N 2570F016–047 – Fan (close on rise), close at 90° F ± 5° F, open at 80° F ± 5° F with 8.5” red 18 AWG lead
P/N 250L337–1689 – Heater (open on rise), opens at 80° F 5 ± 5° F, close at 68° F ± 5° F with 17.5” brown 18 AWG

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The state correctional facilities have multiple cameras installed on the exterior of the building.  These units are installed with heating and fan systems to maintain the camera temperature in the operating range.

Both the heating unit and the fan unit use a 240VAC supply from the thermostat.  A couple of different mounting styles are used for the different units.  The 2570 sealed thermostat works well in this application as it can handle the moisture and the outdoor environment well. Our temperature switches work by using a bimetal disc. The bimetal disc in the switch reacts to heat, and opens or closes a set of contacts based on what the ambient temperature is. This is works because the different metals in the disc react to heat in different ways, which causes the disc to bend.

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