Digital Temperature Switch Display

Since releasing our digital temperature switch, we have received a wide array of application requests that involve this innovative switching solution – including one that didn’t involve the switching mechanism! One of our pool and spa manufacturer customer’s from our Presair product line was familiar with our temperature solutions. Although, the customer was simply looking for a digital read out of the temperature of the spa they could mount into their control panel. Sure, they could buy a cheap digital temperature gauge for the readout, but the thought of incorporating our switching mechanism with the readout was appealing.

What started as a digital temperature gauge turned into a cost-effective temperature switching solution. Users of the spa can see what temperature they have reached, and once temperature falls the switch will kick the heater back on to heat the system up. The user can also adjust the temperature they would like the water temperature to maintain with the tight tolerances and differentials the digital temperature switch offers.

The digital temperature switch can be supplied without the enclosure making it a simple solution for mounting directly to a control panel.

We hope to later incorporate a pressure sensing solution that will offer an extra bonus for our pool and spa customers.


The digital temperature switch is a cost-effective, temperature switching solution that allows tight differentials and tolerances that mechanical thermostat switches can’t provide. This versatile switching solution can be customized in a variety of ways making it a great solution for your next application!  For more information about the temperature switch, visit the product page or request a quote!

More information about the digital temperature switch.Purchase our digital temperature switch Request for quote for a digital temperature switch

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