Ensuring reliable operation, air conditioner snap disc thermostats play a crucial role in regulating AC condensers, where precise temperature regulation is key. for maintaining optimal functionality. The Senasys 430-301AA25-665 snap disc, with its 1/2’’ pipe mount, stands out for its technical expertise in this area. For additional information or to purchase the 430-301AA25-665 snap disc thermostat, please visit the product page here.

430 Pipe Mount Thermostat SwitchTechnical Specifications

Crafted with attention to detail, the 430-301AA25-665 snap disc has a 1/2’’ pipe mount for seamless integration into AC condenser systems. Operating with a trigger temperature of 220°F, this switch ensures swift and accurate response to temperature fluctuations, effectively protecting system components from overheating. Its UL and cUL listings demonstrate compliance with industry standards, validating its reliability and safety.

Unique Mounting Design

What distinguishes the Senasys snap disc is its pipe mount design, tailored specifically for AC condenser applications. Unlike conventional thermostat switches, the 430-301AA25-665 snap disc can be directly affixed to the condenser coil, eliminating the need for additional mounting hardware and simplifying installation. This unique feature not only enhances system efficiency but also reduces the risk of component damage associated with traditional mounting methods.

Regulating Air Conditioner Condenser Performance with Snap Disc Thermostats

A condenser in an AC unit consists of coils containing refrigerant, which becomes hot as it absorbs heat from inside the building. Senasys snap discs are installed onto the condenser coil to monitor the temperature of the refrigerant. Equipped with a pipe mount and a clip for quick reaction to temperature changes, these snap discs ensure efficient temperature regulation. Different pipe mount sizes are available to accommodate various condenser coil diameters. If the refrigerant temperature exceeds safe levels, the snap disc interrupts power to the air conditioner, preventing potential damage. Once the refrigerant cools down, the snap disc restores power, allowing the system to resume operation. Check out the below video for an overview of this application.

Senasys snap discs contribute significantly to the safety and reliability of air conditioning systems. By preventing overheating, they mitigate the risk of fire hazards, ensuring peace of mind for end-users and manufacturers alike. Additionally, their compact size and cost-effectiveness make them an ideal solution for temperature monitoring in HVAC applications. Choosing Senasys snap discs offers several advantages over competitors. Manufactured in the US, Senasys products guarantee high quality and quick availability. In addition, Senasys provides the flexibility to customize snap discs to switch at specific temperatures, ensuring optimal performance tailored to individual applications.

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