sauna limit switch

A Senasys manual reset switch works great as a sauna limit switch.

sauna limit switch

Saunas use a heater, but it is possible for a heater to get too hot. When this happens, internal components can get damaged, which can result in expensive repairs. Luckily, there’s a way to have the heater shut off automatically if it starts getting too hot. A manual reset thermostat switch with an airstream mount can be used to shut a heater off once it gets to a certain temperature.

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The Switch

In this application, we can use our 404 series switch. This switch is wired directly to the heater, and shuts off the electricity to it when it gets too hot. It also has a manual reset function, so it won’t turn the heater back on until somebody pushes the reset button. This is good for a sauna limit switch since overheating means that the heater should be looked at. One common issue is that the rocks are too tight together, and aren’t letting the heat properly vent into the sauna itself. For tips on how to arrange the rocks in your sauna heater, take a look at this article.

Product Description

The 404 series is our 3/4″ manual reset snap disc. This series is ideally suited for application where you want to call special attention to a specific temperature malfunction. The 404 series feature a trip-free operation. To reset the switch, you must physically push the reset button, which holds the contact open and renders the device inoperative until the reset button is released. These switches are available in a single-pole, single-throw device, rated up to 25 Amps at 120VAC. Our 404 manual reset snap disc thermostats have a temperature range of 100-350°F.

404 Manual Reset Thermostat Switch - Large Bracket

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  1. I have a Vevor 9 Kw sauna heater. I am looking for a shut off switch for the heater incase the room gets to hot. Can you recommend a product that will work with the Vevor 9 kw heater?

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