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Contact Blocks

Heavy Duty – Standard Duty – Electronic Duty – Gold Plated

These high quality contact blocks provide a full range of electrical options from gold plated electronic duty contacts for low electrical load applications to heavy duty silver contacts for 600 VAC and 10 Amp loads.

These contact blocks have been successfully used in applications from forklifts to nuclear power plants and from heavy duty mining to clean room electronics. UL listed

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contactBlock-metal_1PM Contact Block

Up to 4 SPDT silver or gold contacts can switch 5 Amps at 125VDC or 240VAC with momentary or alternating action.

PTCL_1PT Electronic Duty

Sliding contacts create reliable operation with electrical loads where thermal cleaning action is not present. Gold or silver contacts available. 5 Amp at 220 VAC and 250 VDC.

PTCW_1PT Gold Plated

Heavy duty contact blocks for harsher environments and low contact resistance applications. 10 Amps at 600 VAC or 250 VDC.

PTCB_1PT Heavy Duty

Solid and dependable work horses that have lasted in field use for decades. 10 Amp carrying capacity for up to 600VAC or 250 VDC.

contactBlock-black_1PW Contact Block

Small footprint contact blocks with electronic duty to heavy duty versions. (1 Amp to 10 Amp carry current, up to 120VAC and 125 VDC) Gold bifurcated or silver contacts.