PT Electronic Duty Contact Blocks

The PT Electronic Duty Contact Blocks are electronic duty contact blocks designed to ensure reliable operation in electrical loads without thermal cleaning action. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, these contact blocks are available with sliding contacts, offering consistent performance in a variety of applications.

These contact blocks are offered with a choice of silver or gold contacts to suit different energy requirements. The silver contacts are ideal for low-energy applications, while the gold contacts are specifically designed for solid-state millivolt and milliamp dry circuits, providing optimal conductivity and performance.

Our contact blocks both feature a combination .187 x .021 inch quick connect terminals, which offers easy and convenient connectivity options. The terminals are plated for soldering, allowing for secure and reliable connections. This ensures efficient electrical transfer and minimizes the risk of signal loss or disruption.

  • Tandem mounting
  • Sliding contacts
  • Gold and silver contacts
  • 4 Normally Closed – 4 Normally Open
  • UL & cUL Recognized
  • Rated up to 220 VAC & 250 VDC with 5 Amp carrying capacity.
  • Made in the USA

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