Thermostat Standard Flange Mounted
          Flange Mount Snap Discs are an integral component in a wide range […]
Three Quarter Inch Auto Reset Snap Disc Thermostats
As a leading manufacturer of temperature sensing and control products, we have garnered a reputation for […]
Snap disc thermostat differential
Snap disc thermostats, also known as snap action thermostats or bimetallic thermostats, are widely used due […]
Differences in Wire Gauges
Why do the differences in wire gauges matter? Simple, using too thin of a wire could […]
Sun Powered Hot Water heater
It’s possible to build a water heater that is much more environmentally friendly than ones that […]
Thermostat switch temperature tolerance
Measurements are never precise and the temperature tolerance is no exception. You will need to determine […]
Fixed Temperature Switches
You may be wondering the difference in 1/2″ and a 3/4″ bi-metal Disc besides just the […]
Electrical contact metal types
Manufacturers use many different types of metal on their plated electrical contacts such as gold, silver, […]
FASTON Terminal Connectors
The type of Snap Disc terminal connection you use will vary from application to application but […]
Preventing Frozen Pipes
Preventing frozen pipes can help you avoid a lot of damage. Most households in colder climates […]
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