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Senasys Switchess

Senasys Inc. Sees Rapid Increase in Demand Within the Switch and Sensor Market Sparked by the Pandemic

Switch and Sensor manufacturers were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in several ways. Plants were forced to shut down due to mandatory lockdowns and social distancing requirements resulting in suspended operations for months at a time. In addition, international trade barriers and built-up traffic at key transportation hubs around […]

Senasys Customer Service

Senasys Customer Support Offers Great Service

Senasys customer support is always here to help with whatever questions you my have. Senasys recently had a customer share their experience with our snap disc thermostats that was too good for us not to share on a community forum. See what they had to say about their experience and […]

Snap Disc Thermostats

How To Choose Which Switch Is Best For You?

Which Switch is Best for You? Senasys manufacturers a large variety of switches for HVAC systems, including our TC Switch (Firestat), bulb and capillary thermostat, bi-metal switches and micro snap action switches. Temperature HVAC Switches Senasys manufactures a wide array of temperature switches for HVAC systems including bulb and capillary […]

Limit Switch for Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker Thermostat Replacement Guide

Replacing the thermostat(s) in your coffee maker couldn’t be easier.  In this article, you will discover how our snap disc and capillary thermostats can be used as replacements and a few tips on how to repair your coffee maker. Keep in mind, the size and price of your coffee maker […]

Adjustable Temperature Switches

Senasys, a leading sensor and switch manufacture, provides a variety of adjustable temperature switches for monitoring and controlling different heating elements. There are many styles and temperature variations available for multiple applications. Our adjustable temperature switches are made in the USA, 100% tested before leaving the factory and sold all […]

Hot Water Fluid Application for Capillary Switches

Capillary Switches Controls Water Heater Temperatures

Capillary Switch Senses Liquid Temperatures Most commercial style dishwashers, and even a number of household type dishwashing appliances, use one or two capillary switches to heat the water. The capillary switch’s bulb will be immersed directly into the water or contained within a thermowell, which controls a series of heating […]

Adjustable Temperature Switches

Capillary and Snap Disc Thermostat Switch Control and Limit

Capillary and Bi-Metal Style Thermostats Control vs. Limit Switches Some may say that Capillary and Bimetal Snap Disc style thermostats are old technologies. Many of today’s machines use a digital control and sensor to control the heating or cooling device, such as a chiller or heating element. We manufacture a […]

Capillary Switch in Fryer

Capillary Switch Turns on Deep Fat Fryer’s Heat Elements

Capillary Switch Works as a Control and Limit In a deep fryer a single or double capillary may be used. The bulb portion of the capillary is made of Stainless steel or a plated copper and is immersed directly into the fluid being heated. One capillary may be used as […]

Thermostat Switches are Temperature Compensated

Importance of a Switch’s Rise/Fall and Hysteresis

Temperature Switches Rise/Fall Set Points & Hysteresis Whether using temperature, pressure, or current, the designation of ON RISE or ON FALL is very important. This is due to hysteresis. Give us a call or look at our catalog for more information or visit our online store to purchase. Hysteresis The Difference Between Two Points When a […]

Capillary Switch Monitor Air Tunnel Temperature

Thermostat Limit Switches Monitor Hot Air Tunnels

Thermostat Limit Switches Cycle Heating Elements In a commercial or industrial hot air tunnel used for shrink wrap or for drying, a double bulb and capillary thermostat switch and a snap disc thermostat switch are commonly used. Generally P/N 351-253890 double bulb and capillary thermostat is found in these systems, […]