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Snapdisc Acts as a Dishwasher High Limit Switch

Snapdisc thermostat switches are used in a variety of applications. One such application for a snapdisc is as a dishwasher high limit switch. The reason a dishwasher high limit switch exists is to shut the dishwasher off if the water temperature gets too high. You need hot water to clean […]

1/2" Epoxy Sealed Thermostat Cross Reference

1/2″ Epoxy Sealed Thermostat Cross Reference

As an easy guide for you we have created this simple cross reference guide to help you find the epoxy sealed thermostat switch you need. If you have one of the part numbers listed below, simply match it to our part number. Give us a call for for more information or […]

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Selco “OM” and “T” Cross Reference Guide

To make this process easier, we created this simple cross reference guide in order to help you find a cross reference for your Selco temperature switch. If you have one of the part numbers listed in the below table, simply match it to our part number. As always, contact us for […]

431 Epoxy Sealed Thermal Switch Direct Mount

Snap Disc Freeze Protection Thermostats & Suds

A common application use for Senasys snap disc thermostats is freeze protection. We received a new application from a car wash company, who need a way to insure their equipment doesn’t freeze. They need to make sure the temperature is high enough in the bill boxes and automated cashier to […]

Snap Disc Thermostats After Being Submerged in Salt Water

Durability of Sealed Thermal Switches Under Water

Senasys manufacturers two different lines of sealed thermal switches, 431 series and 2570 series, which are UL873 approved to be hermetically sealed. Our sealed snap disc thermal switches are commonly found in environments where condensation, dust or other material may be present. Senasys performed a series of tests with our […]

Epoxy Sealed Temperature Switch

Jr. Dragster Warming Blanket

Temperature Switch Found in Thermo Heating Blankets 2570L108-227 Epoxy Sealed Temperature Switch For more information about our snap disc thermostats, click here. If you’re looking to design custom snap disc thermostat, contact us!   Tim ordered two 2570L108-227 thermostats to make warming blankets for his son’s dragsters. I had the opportunity […]

Successful Burn Test

Epoxy Sealed Thermostat’s Certifications

UL94 Flammability Standards Recently a customer inquired about some of the certifications our switches carry. One that they asked about was UL94, which is a flammability standard for plastics (here’s the Wikipedia article). While our complete switches aren’t rated for UL94, or any other particular flammability rating for that matter, […]

2570L392-2132 Sealed Temperature Switches

Keep that Water Mooving

Sealed TemperatureSwitch Freeze Protection Sealed Temperature Switch Regulates Fluid Before It Freezes 2570 Series Thermostats P/N 2570L392-2132, Sealed, Open on Rise (Open by 45°F max,  Close by 35°F min). On one of the Blue Planet videos a beluga whales keeps an air hole open by having the whole pod continually surface to breathe at […]

Epoxy Sealed Snap Disc Thermostat Switches

Cooling Fans for TV Cabinet in RV

Thermal Switch Controls Auxiliary Cooling Fans Thermal Switch (thermostat) specs:  2570F108-665 (Close 105°F, Open 95°F) Thermal switches used in conjunction with cooling fans are useful in protecting electronics.  R.B. from Baton Rouge, LA  used on of our sealed temperature switches to protect the TV in his motorhome.  He drives a […]

Solar Powered Flood Lights

Thermal Switch Reduces Energy Thermal switch specs: 2570F068-640 (Close by 35°F, Open by 25°F) W.K. of Laramie, WY is using one of our sealed thermal switches to reduce depletion of battery charge at freezing temperatures in a solar lighting system. Two 10-watt LEDs, mounted from a solar panel, flood the entry […]