Our high temp T24A232CUR8-20-C replacement T24 Series thermostats are created with bi-metal discs in them that react to temperature changes and ‘snap’ causing the circuit to open or close.

In a T24 Series thermostats, A bimetal disc in the switch snaps at specified temperatures, positively opening and closing the electrical contacts. These thermostats open automatically in the temperature range you choose.

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If you need a temperature range or configuration not listed here, please contact our office: (715) 831-6353.

At Senasys, we excel at helping OEMs using small to large volume of devices solve switch problems related to temperature, pressure/vacuum, air flow, and more. We look forward to helping you find the right switch for your application.

Senasys T24 series thermostats serve as a direct replacement option to part number T24A232CUR8-20-C.

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