Part number 4A-SF2.

  1. Electrical Rating: 16A/250V AC 15A/125V AC 10A/250V AC
  2. Operation Temp: 40℃~200(ENEC) 40℃~205℃(UL/CUL)
  3. Differential:10K~65K *Calibration Method:1℃/min. Air circulation furnace
  4. Temp. Tolerance: ±3K / ±5K
  5. Heat Durability: 180℃*2Hr MAX.
  6. Circuit Resistance:50 mΩ MAX.
  7. Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ min. at DC 500V
  8. Dielectric Strength:AC1000V for One Minute or AC 1800V for One Second(Leak current:0.5mA)
  9. Operation life:100,000 Cycles(15A 125V AC / 10A 250V AC) 10,000 Cycles(16A 250V AC).

The superior controls manufactured by Senasys have a history of solid performance in many industries. From 22.5 mm selectors, to the four quadrant lighted feedback CMC controls, almost any switching need can be, and has been utilized in a variety of applications. Select a group below for more information. When you have found a switch that fits your needs, simply fax or email your specs to us and let our highly trained engineers find the most efficient configuration for your applications.

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