3/4" Epoxy Sealed Thermostats

The 2570 Series 3/4″ Epoxy Sealed Thermostats are manufactured with a high temperature ceramic insulated base encased in a protective nylon boot. Devices are sealed, have a comparative tracking index of +600 per UL 746A and IEC 112; water absorption of 0% and exceptional heat resistance. The 2570 Series 3/4″ Epoxy Sealed Thermostats feature a patented metal sleeve rivet construction listed by many European approval agencies with 4mm over surface clearance current carrying parts to ground.

The 3/4″ thermal element of the device with its fast response and sensitivity characteristics is processed to maintain close tolerances and narrow differential performance for extended life. These switches are available in a single-pole, single-throw device, rated up to 15 Amps at 120VAC. Our 2570 sealed snap disc thermostats have a temperature range of -20°-220°F. Choose an option below to choose one of our standard temperature ranges.

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