Bi-Metal Thermostat Lead Times

Senasys prides ourselves on delivering a quality bi-metal thermostat product, fast to our customers. Many of our competitors are larger corporations causing delays through the supply chain making it difficult to get bi-metal thermostats when you need them. When you work with Senasys not only do you get the answer you need fast, but you also get a human who answers the phone!

Depending on the quantity you need, Senasys produces standard and some custom thermostat solutions within 3-14 days!

Give us a call for for more information or visit our online store to purchase.


Bi-Metal Thermostat Lead TimesSenasys has a wide array of standard bi-metal temperature discs that are in stock along with different body and terminal configurations making assembly faster, while completing high quality test standards. Click here to visit our online store for off the shelf solutions.

If you have a custom thermostat requirement, our product managers work closely with our production teams to provide these custom solutions and keeps you, the customer, aware. We have many temperature discs available that aren’t listed on our website, but these do take longer since they are built to order. A temperature disc is the most important component of a thermostat switch, as it’s what allows the

We know that our primary customer’s for these products are other original equipment manufacturers who need to deliver product to their end customer as soon as possible to fill their need. Let us help you meet that requirement! Call us today at 715-831-6353 to speak directly with our customer support team. Or click here to send us an e-mail for a rapid response.

Senasys designs and manufactures snap disc thermostat switches. Senasys switches are UL and CUL Recognized. The majority of our switches are made in the United States and our direct customer service would be happy to help you find the right switch for your application. Senasys snap disc thermostats are single pole, single throw, fixed thermostat which may be used in applications such as industrial and HVAC equipment.


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