3/4" Snap Disc Thermostats

Senasys 3/4″ Snap Disc Thermostats are quality-engineered thermal sensors specifically designed for a variety of applications.

These robust 3/4″ Snap Disc Thermostats can be used in high current applications; carrying up to 40 amps-240 Volts, for over 100,000 cycles. A 3/4″ bimetal thermodisc at the heart of our thermostat is set to a precise temperature range within 0°-350°F (-18°-176°C). Temperature calibrations are preset. To insure that a safe combination of thermostat and application is achieved, the purchaser must determine product suitability for their individual requirements.

Senasys 3/4″ Thermostat Switches are available as three different types:

  • Automatic Reset
  • Epoxy Sealed Automatic Reset
  • Manual Reset
  • Single Shot

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