430 Series Auto Reset Thermostat Switches - 15 Amps

The 15 Amps – 430 Series Auto Reset Thermostat have a smaller footprint allowing for a lower cost than our other automatic reset thermal switches. These switches are available in a single-pole, single-throw device, rated up to 15 Amps at 120VAC. The 430 series auto reset thermostat switches have a temperature range of 35-350°F (2-175°C), with a differential temperature range of 15-100°F (-9-37°F). The temperature range determines when the thermal switch will close, or engage the electrical circuit, and when it will automatically reset, or open. Many temperature ranges are available, or we can easily design a custom temperature range to suit your application.

Spacings of at least 1/8″ through air and 1/4″ over surface of insulating material are maintained between bare live parts and normally grounded parts, when installed with insulated mounting bracket. The thermostat without the insulated mounting bracket has a spacing of at least 1/16″ through air and over surface from bare live parts to normally grounded parts. Spacings of 1/32″ through air and 1/16″ over surface of insulating material are maintained between bare live parts of the same polarity of the different switch pole components except at contacts.

Select an option below to choose from a variety of mounting options, including pipe and stud mounts.

• Freezers and refrigerators
• Water Heaters, Wall and Portable Heaters
• Motors
• Washers & Dryers
• Vending Machines
• Unit Heaters and Table Top Appliances