PM Miniature Oiltight Controls

The pushbuttons and indicating lights available in the PM Miniature Oiltight Controls line provide a great deal of flexibility in a small package with up to 4 lights in an approximately 1″ square face plate. (the mounting size is a 22.5 mm round hole). Contact blocks provide up to 4 SPDT silver or gold, momentary or alternating contacts. Digital legend films and color inserts fit inside the clear operator. Great panel space utilization!

PM modular mechanical switching elements consist of Senasys proven snap action basic switches, keyed mounting bracket, & operating mechanism. Their modularity permits circuit flexibility: 1,2, 3, & 4 Form C (SPDT) circuits, & Form Z (2 CKT DB) contact arrangements’ momentary & alternate-action. Operation is positive as circuits cannot be teased. The switching element mechanism also imparts a snap feel to pushbutton operation.

PM terminals are well exposed for easy, direct back-of-panel wiring even after the devices are installed in the panel. Most lamp & switching element terminals are on a common level. Terminal identification is molded into the operator housings & switch cases.

Molded & tube type insulators are available to further isolate and protect the connections of the dual push-on terminal.

PM mechanical devices are offered with three push-on terminal styles: dual tab & single pin.

custom solutions

Industrial controls manufactured by Senasys are built to meet customer requirements worldwide.

high quality

Senasys takes pride in quality control and reliable operation of our products. Every switch is individually 100% tested before it leaves the plant.


Senasys products are UL listed, and suitable for NEMA 4 & 13 enclosures.

made in u.s.a.

Senasys products are designed & manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

PMH Lighted Pushbutton

Up to four sections can be used for independent indication powered by 6 VAC/DC to 28 VAC/DC. NO and NC contacts with momentary or alternating action can provide a broad range of control options.

PML Indicators

One to four quadrants of custom text with independent feedback lights allow for dense packaging in a single indicator.


Standard & extended plunger unlighted pushbuttons allow for custom text on the button face itself.