Thermal Paste

Thermal paste, thermal grease, thermal gel, thermal compound, heat paste, heat sink compound– call it what you will.

TSTP-S3 – Operating Temperature: -40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 392°F)

Though the surface of your newly purchased thermostat switch seems smooth, it’s not.  Same goes for that pipe or housing that you’re attaching it to.  Zoom in about 100x and the steel looks more like rock.  In fact, looking at a microscopic cross-section without context one might think they’re looking at the Cliffs of Dover. Give us a call for for more information or visit our online store to purchase.

Thermal Paste Fills in the Cracks


Air, of course, conducts heat; but not very well.  Thermal paste, however, is formulated to do just that.  So by ‘filling in the cracks’ with thermal paste you greatly increase the efficiency of heat transfer, and along with it your shiny new thermostat switch.

Note: try not to get it on your fingers unless you have some GOJO handy.

We sell thermal paste in .4oz tins in our online shop.  That doesn’t seem like much, but you’ll get a good 6-8 switches out of one tin.

For more information about our thermal paste and our thermostat switches, contact our direct technical support at 715-831-6353.

Purchase thermal paste Contact us about our epoxy sealed thermostats.


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